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Saturday, April 1, 2017

My main priority now is learning to be still. And the Chinese concept of wu wei—strategic non-action—has helped me do just that.
   The Tao Te Ching, written in China around 600 BC, first articulated the idea of wu wei. “Do that which consists in taking no action and order will prevail,” the book explains. The idea is that we should stop trying to force action and get comfortable doing less. Then, when we do move, our actions are natural, energetic, and accomplish the desired results.
   The Tao Te Ching recommends cultivating non-action by observing the natural world. The skies don’t always storm; nor are birds always in flight. Stillness preserves us for action when necessary. The Taoist storyteller Chuang Tzu explains the idea further around 350 BC: “From the sage’s emptiness, stillness arises; From stillness, action. From action, attainment.” Wu wei is also an essential element of the influential strategy guide The Art of War, adored by business types.  tools can be found at https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BetterOutComes?ele=shop_open

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