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Hi; my name is Audi Nova and I am a Master NLP Hypnosis Practitioner. I look forward to introducing you to a fast track trance induction experience and other important science relating to mindfulness, and the science of consciousness.

Friday, December 1, 2017

This is probably going to be the most unconventional way of saving the planet that you will ever have come across. We will be giving away 49% of IPMD to ten individuals. The ten individuals that have signed up or encouraged and supported the most people in the next two years. This is how we will choose our executives; by merit. We are just over two years old and are moving the Master of Reality tools to help anyone succeed. The problem is that our positive impact on the planet will not be enough to affect the amount of change to turn things around. We need a geometrical progression that can only be accomplished through network marketing. We are currently restructuring to accommodate these changes and creating the buttons that you paste into your website or links you can paste up into your social media platforms. If you decide to get involved you will receive a 50.00 commission for every sale that is generated from your links, and be in the running for the Executive sweepstakes with additional retroactive commissions of an additional 20.00 on every sale made in the next two years.   COMMENTS
we are committing suicide
Environment:  Our Home Planet
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We have to start taking action NOW. The window of opportunity is getting smaller every year we let the powers that be, decide the fate of mother earth. Big money does not care because they are drunk with greed and power. The result of their myopia is brutally assaulting our planet without regard to their dangerous behaviors. We need to create an army of intelligent, strong and principled activists, to turn this very serious situation around. Big money is trying to squeeze more trillions out of their industries that are poisoning our planet. They are taking a very dangerous gamble and they are known to be big risk takers, but they do not have the right to gamble with the lives of our families.

  Nobody gave them that right. The Earth does not have limitless resources and it can only handle so much stress before she begins to falter and go terminal. We have maybe 20 or 30 years until we hit the wall and the point of no return. We are at a turning point. If we can get enough people to cultivate their power, become extremely successful and flex their muscle to turn this around we may have a chance. You have all the tools to do this.  The program is the only cost and it provides the funds to further our cause, develop this website and grow the program. Tell as many people as you can about this system of aggregating power, wisdom and influence. 

  Share this with anyone who cares!  Once you have started to see the results this won't be difficult. Let's take this thing viral. I am 66 and do not know how much time I have to accomplish this very important task, but I would certainly like to know that the kids growing up today will have a decent chance for a future before I bow out and take the final curtain. You are the solution and we have the power to do this.  Be a prime mover. Spread the word that there is a viable solution.  Create some groups as they will help you achieve greater results. It is the prime movers that will achieve the positions of power within the organization and in the world in general.  Let’s create a dynamic, powerful organization that will save our planet before it’s too late! You don’t have to be a famous person to make your mark. You don’t have to be a genius to inspire others. To paraphrase John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), the sixth president of the USA: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Send an email to contact@audinova.ca so we can register you as a prime mover in this very important movement.  Lets do this thing!  **The best time to use the audios is 
any time you have 8 minutes.

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