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Hi; my name is Audi Nova and I am a Master NLP Hypnosis Practitioner. I look forward to introducing you to a fast track trance induction experience and other important science relating to mindfulness, and the science of consciousness.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Just to let you know where I am coming from - I have modified a script to create an audio that has multiple streams of information and wanted to see if this delivery method could be more effective taking into account my definition of wealth.  Please feel free to try to see what kind of impression it leaves in your life.  I expect it could erase some blocks to wealth and health you may have.

w= mentally well
e= emotionally well
a= abundance
l= love unconditional
t= totally integrated
h= healthy physically

https://www.audinova.ca/tracs/hypnosisguidezzzhealthX.mp3  Lets take audinova.ca viral - It will help you but it will also help our planet!

HI: this is for you if you are working on changing your life for the better!  Success is a state of mind which precipitates dynamic action!

Get access to this phenomenal resource for creating life enhancing changes in your life. Access the 'Master of Reality'(Book) which itself sells for 12.00. 35+ audios, 4 books, and 34+ videos. Are you ready - for 24.00. www.audinova.ca/master_of_reality.html That's right 24 dollars a year for a resource that will change your life(using psychoacoustic sound matrix technology for maximum power). Let sound technology give you access to the most powerful part of your mind for change!  We just need a couple of prime movers to start rejuvenating our planet  www.audinova.ca/transform.html#planet - part2  the planet link for more info. Please share.
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